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Who: The Rescue Party (Bahorel, Courfeyrac, Combeferre, Bossuet, and Jehan)
What: Embarking across the Atlantic to find their lost brethren
Summary: Plane rides, lions, supernatural encounters, and other African adventure shenanigans
Warnings: Language and Violence, very probable
General posting order will be determined by initial posts. (Intended as a loose guideline to prevent 5-person mayhem, and may change depending on who/how many are actively posting at a time.)
Status: Ongoing

As far as Bahorel was concerned, the worst part of this mission would be the trip there. )
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Who: Combeferre, Courfeyrac, Bahorel, Bossuet - the Amis not lost in Africa (Joly, Jehan, you wanna come play too? -- no idea about Marius/Feuilly?)
Where: Combeferre's apartment.
Notes: Amis converge on 'Ferre's apartment for a night of drinking before they get serious about going after Enjolras and Grantaire who are currently, to their best knowledge, marooned somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Africa and very possibly in danger.

Status: ONGOING!


Preparation )
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I saw something about a US plane crash in Africa on the news.
Anyone else heard from Enjolras and Grantaire? Or know if that was their plane, or unrelated? R never told me the flight number.

Also, I'm on here now. Courfeyrac and Grantaire have been bothering me about it for weeks.
You want me, feel free to leave a message. ~Beeeeeep~

Oh dear.

Jul. 13th, 2012 11:44 am
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 It seems my computer has...suffered a bit of an accident. 

I am using Azelma's at the moment, and my laptop will not be fixed for another week. So, I am afraid I will not be posting things until it is back in working order.

And Azelma is glaring at me now. I doubt she will let me use this for much longer. If anyone needs to reach me, I have my phone.

((OOC: Just a little explanation as to why 'Ponine won't be here!))
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She had always hated walking alone at night.

In Paris, one was likely to be attacked or worse, if they were found walking the streets alone and in the dark. At night it was always colder and things just seemed more hopeless. Eponine had avoided it when she could, but sometimes it was necessary.

Here, it was a little better. Eponine didn't have to stay out at night, she had a warm apartment to stay in when it got dark. But, now, she had to. She had to see Marius after all of this, had to know what he was saying to her was true. It was foolish to think he was lying, but some part of her wouldn't be put to rest until it saw the truth in his eyes.

Even though it wasn't cold, she shivered, folding her arms and continuing to walk. Thankfully, Marius' apartment building was close to hers, just a few minutes away. Still, walking alone and with what was on her mind, Eponine wasn't enjoying herself. It was bringing back rather unpleasant memories that she would have preferred buried.

Things were a little better when she was inside and walking up to Marius' apartment. She took the stairs, not having any patience with the elevator. The apartment wasn't far up anyway, only a few floors. Once she'd arrived, there was a certain sense of relief. Eponine rapped twice on the door. "Marius?"
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These memories of rain have been bothering me since a few nights ago.

I have not been able to sleep since, not because I am afraid, but because I wish I know why. When I was a child, I thought all children were afraid of thunderstorms and rain, and when I grew older I blamed the dislike of rain towards the fact that if it went into the night, Azelma and I would have to sleep in it. But now...I cannot see why I dislike it so, or why my mentioning it upset Marius so very much.

These memories are the haziest I've had so far, but what I can recollect is not good. Just a loud bang coming from in front of me, and an ache in my hand and my shoulder. It is very strange, and not the sort of strange that one likes.

Perhaps a bit of reading will provide some answers...
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(We decided to summarize the rest of the evening since we were 3 days behind RP time.)

Marius cooked omelettes for himself and Eponine, but he was nervous about her going out in the rain. He offered to stay on the couch since it wasn't letting up, but she didn't want to leave Azelma alone for the entire evening.

He offered to call her a cab; she suggested that they walk since the distance was short. He got a large umbrella from the closet and walked her all the way to her front door.

She agreed to see him again, to his joy.

(Eponine, feel free to leave a comment adding or changing things if you'd like!)
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